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Field Services
Reunion represents for specialities of Cathodic Protection, Protective coatings, Polymer lined Pipe work, Hazardous area Equipment Supply which include Site Application/Installation Service. Reunion associates with renowned Principals " S3C " and " GOLCONDA " for the speciality services to our clients in this region :
Cathodic Protection
GOLCONDA Corrosion Control (P) Ltd. is geared and equipped to undertake special engineering projects (cathodic protection supervision / commissioning) like PETROCHEMICALS, REFINERIES, DESALINATION, POWER PLANTS etc.
Site Survey
GOLCONDA Corrosion Control (P) Ltd. Engineers are well qualified to carry out a variety of surveys comprising:
Soil Resistivity Survey
Cathodic Protection Monitoring
Close Interval Potential Surveys (CIPS)
Direct Current Voltage Gradient Survey
Current Drainage Survey
AC Interference Testing
Engineering, Design, Consultancy, Installation, Supervision of Installation and Commissioning:
GOLCONDA Corrosion Control (P) Ltd. is also able to offer installation/supervision of installation depending on the nature of work to be executed and the resources available. Commissioning support and Consultancy services are also available.
The Professionals of GOLCONDA Corrosion Control (P) Ltd. are experienced and well equipped to undertake special Engineering projects of Cathodic Protection including installation, supervision, testing and commissioning.
Speciality coatings
Reunion has also associated with S3C who specializes with Skilled Site-Application & Contracting Services in the on-site application of High-Voltage Insulator Coatings, the design and installation of non metallic pipe work systems plus the application or installation of it.Fluoropolymer Lined Pipework, Polymer Lined Pipelines, HDPE Pipework,Coating Application are other filed services Reunion has associated with S3C.
High Voltage Insulator Coating (HVIC)
Sylgard is a one-part silicone coating system designed for the protection of high voltage insulators, instrument transformers and other high-voltage devices, where surface contamination causes flashover risks. The coating imparts arc resistance and hydrophobicity, exhibits a unique ability to recover water repellency after contaminants are deposited on the surface and minimizes surface damage from electrical activity during extreme weather conditions.
Fluoropolymer Lined Pipe work
This field service of S3C provides Fluoropolymer lined pipework with a team of trained engineers who can complete the installation. Also ensures that any site alterations which may be required and final make-up spools can be quickly completed within 72 hours.
Polymer Lined Pipelines
S3C is currently working with a number of international suppliers to bring together the latest technology in tight fitting liners for severe service environments using PE, PA and XPE materials. These liners will allow the rehabilitation of existing pipelines or the downgrading of material specification for pipelines with diameters from 100mm to 1,200mm and in sections up to 1km.
HDPE Pipe work
Through our local partners S3C offers the design, manufacture and installation service for a range of HDPE pipewrok in sizes from 400mm to 3600mm diameter. Our installation teams have installed pipes from 400mm to 2200mm in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
Coating Application
S3C can do on site applications on pipework, platforms, structures, tanks, etc with epoxy, polyester, amine, fire retardant coating systems or as per customers specification. The company has trained and skilled applicators, quality inspectors and supervisors along with necessary application and quality inspection equipment. S3C is an approved applicator of leading international and local coating system manufacturers